блоки имя существительное:
блок (block, unit, bloc, pulley, sheave, bowl)
блокировка (locking, blocking, block, interlocking, blockage, block system)
преграда (block, barrier, hedge, wall, bar, barricade)
квартал (quarter, block, section, square)
кубики (block)
кубик (block, tessera)
чурбан (chump, block, log, lump, chunk, billet)
колодка (block, shoe, last, cheek, clog, shoe-tree)
препятствие (let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, impediment)
затор (congestion, mash, traffic jam, logjam, block, jamming)
колода (deck, pack, log, block, chump, wood block)
массив (massif, solid, block)
брус (bar, timber, beam, cant, rod, block)
глыба (lump, block, clump, cob, clod, mammock)
плаха (block, scaffold)
целик (pillar, block, rib, cramp, stump)
шкив (pulley, sheave, block, gin)
блокпост (blockhouse, post, block, cabin, block station, signal-box)
деревянная печатная форма (block)
брусок (bar, block, rail, stick, brick, cake)
строитель (builder, constructor, erector, block)
шашка (checker, saber, sword, block, Man, counter)
чурка (chock, block)
жилищный массив (block)
блокнот (notebook, notepad, pad, scratchpad, sketchpad, tablet)
группа однородных предметов (block, nest)
масса однородных предметов (block)
ролик (roller, roll, pulley, Castor, caster, sheave)
форма (mold, form, shape, uniform, format, mode)
сплошная масса (block)
болван (boob, blockhead, doodle, loggerhead, dummy, dolt)
казнь на плахе (block)
камень кулисы (block)
тупица (jerk, dullard, dunce, schmuck, dummy, numskull)
бревно (log, beam, timber, block, stock, baulk)
башка (chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, coconut)
блок-участок (block)
блокировать (block, blockade, stop, freeze, block up, interlock)
препятствовать (LET, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, hamper)
загораживать (block, obscure, fence, shut out, blank, shut in)
преграждать (block, obstruct, bar, stop, interrupt, occlude)
задерживать (delay, detain, stay, hold, retard, arrest)
засорять (clog, block, foul, choke, choke up, corrupt)
засоряться (clog, block, foul)
заграждать (obstruct, block, barrier, secure, barrier in, barrier off)
замораживать (freeze, refrigerate, block, ice, deepfreeze, congeal)
создавать препятствия (block)
набрасывать вчерне (block, block in, block out, minute)
подпирать (prop, prop up, shore, buttress, support, BACK)
подкладывать (underlay, block)

Англо-русский синонимический словарь. 2014.

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